Who can sign up?

Sector related individual bloggers who regularly publish on the blog, operate independently from any commercial, political, private interest and state interest, as well as employees of the news service, broadcasting organization or news site can benefit from blogger registration.

If you follow these criteria, please send us the information requested below by e-mail, after verification of the information, we will contact you within three working days with a confirmation e-mail.

How can bloggers sign up?

As a general rule, bloggers who want to join Marketing Summit, must have written daily or weekly blog posts for at least six months in 2017. Blogs that have content parallel with Marketing Summit's content, continuity of sharing, blog contents consisting of up-to-date content following the sector are the reasons for preference. Alexa ranking of blogs will also be considered. In addition, blogger's social media activiness, content sharing, and number of followers will be considered in evaluations. Academic staff and student blog writers who are registered bachelor’s degree and/or graduate program in the field of marketing or whose text content was cited in university publications, publishing organizations or internet news sites will be evaluated separately.

What information do you need to provide if you consider participating?

Please convey the following information to via e-mail. News agency (blog or website address), name, surname, address (must include city and postal code), country, phone number, e-mail address, username for twitter and similar social media accounts and dates when you consider participating in the conference (ie May 8, May 9 or the entire event)

How can you join Marketing Summit once you have received your confirmation e-mail?

Marketing Summit's web site is the best resource you can get information about summit. You can make entries from the Press Registration Desk at the entrance of UNIQ Istanbul.