Are we Teflon or Sponge?

We are in a period in which ideas are impressive and inexpensive. If we want to grow and win, we should get rid of our  load. However, how are we getting fit? How is less more? Indeed, how will a small idea drop turn to a big wave? The chairman of 1,618 Creative Ad Works, Sefa Karahan, who conducts successfull projects with many brands is going to share with you all steps of this process.
Customer Experience in the Era of Meaningful Brands

Which procedures are you following while driving/managing your brand? How high is the importance of your customer during the procedures of your daily decision-making process to strategy? As Karaca, we have chosen the year of 2016 The Customer Experience Year as a main theme and we have such a good experience now, in terms of Complete Customer Experience Design. The most important stage is; To be build the Complete Customer Experience Design in the company and turning into a culture.
The Value at The Heart of The Communication: Data

Moderator: Rima Erdemir
Speakers: Sinan Günal, Yunus Güvenen

With the rapid growth of the technology, the digital world uses the data more effectively and the data provides a competitive advantage for the marketers. With the correct data analysis, the budgets are used more efficiently and better returns are obtained from the advertising campaigns. At the IAB Turkey session, the value added of the data and its role at  today and the future  marketing communication world.

MMA Türkiye Session: Exponential Mobile

Technology, communication, Interactivity, integration, intelligence, creativity, leadership, intimacy, developing markets, new opportunities … they are all growing, developing and renewing. In this sesion mobile’s ability of continuing its growth and development will be discussed, sometimes  fast adapting itself and sometimes leading the change in the middle of all that movement.
Welcome to Academia: Contemporary Marketing Theories for Today’s Digital World

Want to master digital marketing perspective? Session will cover up all marketing theories transformed to today’s digital era. Theories will be summed up and looked from the viewpoint of digital perspective. Current digital marketing campaigns will be evaluated in the light of theories.

The New Consumer; Expectations, Spending, Digital Consumption and Psychology

What do the most recent research tell us about the new consumer? What are their expectations for the coming 1 year? How is the consumption expected to change under various categories? What sort of saving behavior are adopted regarding basic categories? Where is the digital consumption heading to? What are the rising tendencies? How is the consumer mood? What do the feel intensively?
Importance of Digital Signage Systems in Business Life

Digital Publication and Information Screens industry having reached 14.6 billion dollars across the world is worth about 700 million dollars in Turkey, yet. Digital screens that we face in many places like banks, stores, cinemas and restaurants create opportunities for organizations to reach their customers more efficiently and strengthen their corporate communications.
The Biggest Exponential Growth: Making a Child’s Wish Come True
How do we make exponential growth possible in this ever-changing world, with ever-changing expectations, with ever-increasing markets that demand products to meet the ever-changing needs, either in our professional or private lives? The answer: to turn the impossible into possible by granting the wish of a child without expecting anything in return.
Innovation Reinvented. On how exact Science meets behavior through Systematic Innovation.

Innovation is more then defining new goals or different strategies; it is a result of focused, well-planned efforts allowing companies to reinvent them selves, thus create their future. Systematic Innovation is the tool for organizations to create sustainable, result-driven entrepreneurship and innovation. With mileage gained for the past 25 years in multinational companies, industry leaders, Fortune500 companies, start-ups and government agencies Nir will share some of his insights on innovation.

Why We Should Build Up Virtuous Triangle for Exponential Growth?
Rapid technological developments and information revolution made information and technology transfers easier than ever. Therefore, differentiation from competition is more difficult and longtime trusted “know-how” and “innovation” cards are not effective in creating exponential growth anymore. In order to differentiate and fuel up sustainable growth, we should analyze corporate capabilities, market conditions and consumer needs simultaneously and come up solutions merging these three main stands of business strategy.
Recreate Customer Experience with Digital Signage

Nowadays customers don’t see the posters which all look the same, don’t keep stereotyped campaigns in their memories and don’t get attracted by static advertisement content. They all expect offers and promotions specifically tailored for them. So how can we impress new generation consumers effectively?  It’s easy indeed. Forget posters and other static displays.  Make a difference with advertisements that can be renewed in seconds according to weather, target audience and customer profile. Curious about it? Check out our Digital Signage packages now!
Designs That Touch Our Heart

Murat Kolbaşı, Chairman, ARZUM   
Mehtap Yıldız, Marketing and Product Development Director, ARZUM

Milka Karağaçlı, Founder, Kısmet by Milka
Başak Cankeş, Founder, Bashaques 

While customers are experiencing a product, they place great importance on the way the product makes them feel as well as its functionality. Brands are paying attention to every detail that differentiates a product and following trends as well. The brands that are touching the hearts of their customers with product design and innovation while offering a unique product experience, distinguish from others by making great strides in brand loyalty.
How can you use virtual reality to convey brand stories?

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality technology is expected to see exponential mass consumer adoption in less than 10 years. It is expected to be as disruptive to the way we work, learn and play as smart phones were ten years earlier in 2006. How will your organisation adopt this new technology successfully and most importantly how can you prepare your brand for VR and AR as part of your marketing platform. 
Join us as we delve into this new technology and give you our insights working with Scandinavian and global brands.

From The Marketing Digital Kitchen: Digital Signage
It is like welcoming kitchen enthusiasts who use the same recipe while presenting digital visual communication channels. Some are filled with tasty smell, some with a presentation on the table. In today's world where technological change is always on the way; The most powerful channel is digitalization of brand communication, it gives power to the subject; If you like salty, the salt is prolonged and the meat is cooked in softness. Sweet lovers do not wait on the table. Accessibility to the target group is unique.. and this unique comes with Digital Signage.
Digital Trends in Omnichannel Marketing! Success Stories and Key Examples

Creating Exponential Ideas and Value In Corporate Events and Global Success Stories in MICE Sector

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